IF you thought the idea of Nigel Benn returning to the
ring at 55 years of age to fight Sakio Bika sounded like a bad one, Evander
has a beer he would like you to hold.

‘The Real Deal’ is 57 years of age, and eight years into retirement, but admits he would consider making a return to the ring if the opportunity was presented to him. Not only that, if it were left up to him the opportunity, a lucrative one, would consist of a fourth fight against his old New York rival Riddick Bowe, with whom Holyfield last shared a ring in 1995.

“I had something set up in Japan that they were
talking about doing, but now nobody is saying anything,” Evander, a former
cruiserweight and heavyweight champion, told World Boxing News. “Hopefully it
will happen, but I had nobody talk to me lately about it. If we do it then
fine, if we don’t, I’m good.

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