A BOXER not having
a nickname is like eating a hot dog without the mustard,  a hamburger without ketchup, and a salad
without dressing. A nickname that catches on can improve the fighter’s
marketability immeasurably.

The nickname, it
goes back to days of when the mighty John L. Sullivan ruled the heavyweight
division (1882-1892) and was dubbed as the “Boston Strong Boy.”

From that point on
most champions and contenders have been given a monicker. Some nicknames are
extraordinary and become a part of who the fighter is while others are quite
ordinary and never catch on. Some are self-given, while others are a creation
of the media and then approved by the public. One way or the other, adopting a
nickname becomes almost obligatory, but there are exceptions. Here we present 15
ring greats who might have flirted with one, but for whatever reason went their
career without using a nickname. In parenthesis, we bestow a nickname on them.

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