WWE superstar Rey Mysterio was a recent guest on WWE’s The Bump where the lucha-libre legend discussed his early pro-wrestling influences, whether he would ever put his mask on the line in WWE, and throws praise to former crusierweight champion Murphy. Highlights are below.

On Murphy gaining his respect:

Murphy has gained my respect. I have a lot of respect for the upcoming talent. Man, they’re coming in hot, and they’re ready to display what they have in store. It reminds me of a young Rey Mysterio. You know, when I was coming in back in the mid-’90s, there was no one that was going to hold me back; I was coming in full force. That’s how I see the competitiveness coming in WWE. And again, Murphy is one of those guys.

His wrestling influences:

I had many wrestlers who influenced me. From the American side I had: Ricky Steamboat, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Bret Hart, without a doubt, Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask; they were a big influence in my life. I would watch a lot of their matches [DynamiteKid and Tiger Mask] prior to going to Japan, and to ECW back in the day. In Mexico, I grew up watching the Negro Casas, El Hijo del Santo and Blue Panther, just legends of Lucha Libre.

Putting his mask on the line in WWE:

If the opportunity came about, I would jump in a heartbeat [on putting his mask on the line again],” Mysterio announced. “I think that’s what makes Lucha Libre exciting and in this case to bring Lucha Libre to the WWE, and show the WWE Universe the excitement behind the mask vs. hair match, or the mask vs. title match. You know you put your heart out there in those matches. I would actually love to jump in the ring one of these days before I retire and put my mask on the line against something that is well worth it.

Check out the full episode of The Bump below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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