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Rusev Announces That He’s Tested Positive For COVID-19


Former WWE superstar Miroslav Barnyashev (FKA Rusev) revealed on his latest Twitch stream that he’s tested positive for COVID-19. The former U.S. champion states that he was initially told that he tested negative for the virus, but was alerted by medical officials that those results were wrong.

I am absolutely positive for COVID-19. I am absolutely 100 percent, super mega incredibly positive. Yes, I got the phone call from the doctor. I feel great. I kind of knew with the whole smell and taste thing, but this just confirms it,” he continued. “The good thing is I found out about delivery.

Miro’s wife, WWE star Lana, mentioned that both of her parents were hospitalized from COVID-19, although they seem to be doing much better now. Check out the Twitch stream below. (Special thanks to Comicbook.com for the transcriptions)

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