AFTER their compelling and controversial draw in December 2018, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will rematch on February 22. The fighters wanted it and the public demanded it. Besides, the money it will generate made a rematch too lucrative a proposition for either to turn down.

But obvious rematches sometimes don’t happen, irrespective of the sense they make. Here are 10 that the public assumed would, yet they somehow drifted out to sea.

April 26, 1906 – Chelsea, MA

The decision was just and Johnson won without much of a fuss. But because so few viewed the bout, Langford’s manager, Joe Woodward, was able to concoct a tale that his man knocked Johnson down and was robbed. Woodward and Langford tried to appeal to Johnson’s pride to goad him into a rematch, being that the two fighters disliked each other. Two years later, Johnson would win the world heavyweight championship and never so much considered giving Langford a crack at the coveted crown.

Sam Langford
DENIED: Langford never got his deserved shot at the world heavyweight title

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